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Products & Services 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to build and scale a healthy eating experience that your users love and delivers revenue


Healthy Eating As A Service

Our fully integrated web service offering you the ultimate in flexibility and integration options into your existing digital assets. 

  • Ingest your own recipe data

  • Use licensed recipe content from our publisher partners

  • Create your own diets or select from a global catalogue of predefined diets

  • Automatic meal planning to conform to any diet

  • Global supermarket “add to basket” at global supermarket

  • Performance reporting

  • All available via a flexible REST based API


White Labelled Products

Delivered with your unique branding, our low effort, lean back White Labelled Products enable to engage your users quickly and easily, complete with your recipes, automatic meal planning, custom diets and online add to basket services to supported supermarkets.

  • Your own branded Web and/or Native App

  • Out of the box user managmement - onboarding, authentication, payments, subscriptions

  • Fast time to market with no coding or IT teams required

  • Your own recipe data, fully indexed with automatic nutrition and allergen information.

  • Dashboard for business intelligences and user insights

  • Integrates with your existing CRM solutions


nutrition is complex.

We can simplify it for you 

“Scale as you grow” solution

Start simply and quickly by deploying ready branded solutions before integrating more deeply. 

Index your own recipe data

Make your recipe data fully indexed and searchable automatically, with full nutrition information, allergens and diet support. Or use our own licensed recipes.

New monetization opportunites

With built in user payments and subscription management services, quickly and easily realise a new revenue opportunity.

Experienced Support

Leverage our experience and insights across multiple global deployments to help you develop and plan your desired user experience with optimal engagement. 

New Data Insights

Gain unique insights into how your users engage with your assets. 

Ecosystem Integration

We make it easy for you to integrate our platform into the services you already use.

Fast, scalable and secure

Execute a scale with confidence using our cloud native infrastructure that can be deployed and scaled anywhere in the world with no issues

Simplifying Complexity 

We take care of the complexity of recipe ingestion, product implementation, deployment, and analytics so can focus on your users 

Grow your business with us today

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