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Change the way your recipes are valued

Do you create recipe content for your website, and want to diversify your income?


Have you considered charging subscriptions for your recipes by creating your own App?

Read on and we'll show you how!


Create your own Recipe App

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mealiQ helps Recipe Creators earn recurring revenue by empowering you to create your own white label app.

Unlike display ads and affiliate marketing, we create stable monthly revenue streams by offering your users a monthly membership to access your recipe content, and engage with your own branded, personalised meal planning and shopping service, using your own recipes.

If you publish your own recipe blog, or post recipes to social media, you most likely use display advertising, influencer or affiliate marketing as your primary source of income.

We believe there is another way for you to generate income from your visitors, one that is not so intrusive to your audience, and one which allows you more creative control.

Creating a recurring income stream

You don't need to roll the dice of ad revenue payouts. Imagine if you can turn your audience into monthly paying subscribers?

Meal IQ allows you to add a "premium" element to your recipe site or social media account. At the simplest level you can put your recipes behind a paywall, which users can access by paying you a subscription fee.


You can also go further and create your own smart meal planning and shopping service, branded to your theme, again using your own recipes.


Build a direct connection with your audience


Using our platform, you can enjoy direct access to your audience, and deeper conversations with the people that matter the most to your business.

Our platform will automatically integrate your subscriber contact info to your CRM systems, e.g. Mailchimp and Intercom, or simply download them to csv or excel files.

Find new data insights

Using our platform, you can build deeper data insights into your users. This helps you refine your content for the users that are truly engaging (and paying) for your work, and understand your audience at a much deeper level.

  • Which recipes are the most engaging for your users?

  • How are your recipes most commonly adapted?

  • What diets and health goals are your users trying to achieve?

  • Who are most important segments of your audience?

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What would I need to do?

It's a really simple 3 step process.

1. Upload your recipe content to our platform

2. Customise your landing page to your fit your branding

3. Set your pricing levels and your payment information

That's it! No programming needed.

You will be given your own web URL which you can advertise on your site, and social media. Your users sign up to use the service, and then they pay a monthly subscription fee.

We take care of all the hosting (including your recipe content), application, payment processing and subscription management. You just watch the money roll in!

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How can I get started?

For a limited time, we are looking to work with selected Creators to help us fine tune our product. In return will we give you 3 months free access!

Just click the link below, fill out the form and we'll be in touch with you very shortly.

Start earning more with mealiQ for Creators

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