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Instant new recurring revenue

Meal IQ makes it easy for you to charge monthly subscriptions for a complementary healthy eating app to your existing home diagnostics products.


Recurring profit enablement

Meal IQ’s healthy eating platform allows you to create a personalised meal planning app, customised to your brand and designed to complement your home diagnostics products.

Simply upsell a subscription to our white label app whenever a customer buys one of your home diagnostic products online and you can look forward to a brand new recurring revenue stream. Simple as that!

No additional customer acquisition cost
No additional operational costs
New recurring revenue with high lifetime value

How do I integrate it?

The easiest way is to offer the meal planning app as an additional product that can be added to the shopping cart on your website.

Configure the white label app
Add the meal planning app to your existing ecommerce site
Sell the app to customers to complement their testing kits

Configure and customise our whte label app to fit your theme and brand.


Add the app to your existing ecommerce site. The white label Meal IQ app comes with an array of integration options making it really easy for you to integrate into your existing ecommerce site, including support for WooCommerce, Wordpress, Shopify, and fully featured REST API. 


Sell the app to your customers whenever they buy a testing kit. For example, the app can accompany a food intolerance test to allow your customers to choose meals that automatically exclude any foods that the user might be allergic to.

How does the meal planning app work?

Our meal planning app is a responsive web app that allows your customers to plan personalised meals to achieve a health goal.

Choosing from a database of over 50,000 recipes, they select the meals that fit their tastes, their health goals, dietary preferences and budget, and then derive a shopping list of the ingredients they need to make the meals.


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