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Healthy eating 

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our Food Brain

The Meal IQ Food Brain joins together the world of recipes, diets and supermarket products. 

We use machine learning to read unstructured recipe data and convert it into nutrition information using our proprietary Food Ontology. We then use this to codify governmental dietary and health guidelines and link it to product inventory from leading supermarkets.

We then use optimisation algorithms to allow you to consume services to create personalised meal plans, optimised for diets, budgets, and sustainability objectives so you customers can eat healthily, and shop smart.

All this functionality is available through a rich set of REST based API web services.

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Ingest your recipe data

Using our machine learning engine, we can read your recipe data translating it into full nutrition information with allergens. 

The information is then fully structured and indexed ready for advanced search, or consumption via other internal or external services.

Smart Shopping

Use our optimisation algorithms to allow your customers to shop smart. 

Compare shopping baskets from different supermarket,  shop to a budget, reduce waste and add to online baskets automatically. The choice is yours.

Automatic Meal Planning

Enable users to search recipes by allergen, intolerance, or  specific food exclusions, or groups of exclusions.

Plan meals to fit diets, personalised to fit your customers’ health goals, and to fit their lifestyles. 
All in real time.


All these services and more are available through a REST  based API.

Get in touch with us to get access to our API documentation.

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