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Hack your meal kit

Do you find meal kits like Hellofresh, Gousto, Mindful Chef too expensive? Portion sizes too smallToo much packaging waste?

Smorg allows you to shop your favourite meal kit recipes, personalised to your need, using supermarket products. 

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With Smorg you can "hack your meal kit". Collect the meals from your favourite meal kit companies, personalise them to your requirements, and then have the ingredients delivered by online supermarkets. 

Healthy, convenient meals on your terms. Save money, save waste, save the planet. How cool is that?


Here's how it works.

Step 1: Collect your favourite Meal Kit recipes with 1 click

Pick your favourite Meal Kit recipes online and add then add them to Smorg by just copying the URL. 1 click and the entire recipe is imported. Then organise your recipes into convenient collections to help you stay organised.

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Step 2: Personalise the recipes the way you want

Don't like certain ingredients? Exclude them! Want to add more meat or your favourite vegetables? Go for it! Customise the recipes to your requirements. PLUS  - we calculate the nutrition for all your recipes automatically. See how your customisations affect nutrition. Want to fit certain macro targets? We can scale the recipe to do that.  

Personalise meals (1).png

Add your meals to a calendar (optional)

When planning meals for the week. what better way than to add them to your calendar? In Smorg you can! Just select the meais you want to add for the week, and then set reminders for following weeks. Just like a recipe kit, but this time you're in charge!

Add to calendar.png

Start hacking your meal kit with Smorg

Step 3: Create a shopping list and shop them online

Create a shopping list from any recipe, collection of recipes, or from a scheduled calender of recipes. Smorg consolidates all the ingredients together, and takes into account any items you already have at home.

Every ingredient is automatically matched to real supermarket products. and chooses products to minimise any waste and cost. Any dry goods that are left over can be used in subsequent shops, driving down the cost even more.

What does this mean? You save money, you save food waste, and packaging waste!

After that, 1 click and you can add all the ingredients to your online supermarket basket. Convenient eh?

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