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Meal IQ now supports Kroger supermarkets

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Some exciting news for our US clients! In addition to Amazon Fresh, Meal IQ now supports Kroger supermarket chain, the second biggest grocery retailer in the US with over 2,700 stores nationwide.

This integration allows users to create shopping lists of Kroger products for their meal plans, and then in 1 click add them all to their online basket. This integration was the first that we've implemented that uses oAuth to authenticate the end user before the items are added, (much in the same way for example Facebook login works) making the user experience a lot more secure.

Using our matching engine, we were able to import over 7,000 Kroger products into our proprietary "Food Brain", allowing end users to automatically derive not just a shopping list, but a shopping list of actual Kroger products including costs, and portion sizes, helping them reduce cost and reduce waste and best of all, add to their online basket automatically in 1 click. Simple and convenient.

Automatic add to basket has always been a very popular feature for end users, and we'll be integrating more supermarkets very soon.

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